The Best Sports For Losing Weight

If you are going to the gym, then you probably have two things on your mind. You want to lose a few pounds and you want to get fit.Both of these can be a challenge, especially if you aren’t used to exercising. However, if you hire a PT and start to regularly practise the sports below you will begin to see results, since they are the best ones out there for losing weight! With such a wide variety, everyone will be sure to find the right one for them.


Running is a great form of exercise if you want to see results fast. Still, you can’t expect to go on one run and lose weight. To effectively lose the weight and keep it off you will need to establish a running routine and keep at it for weeks on end.

According to the National Sports Foundation, a proper run can burn quite a few calories in an hour. Still, keep in mind that the keyword here is proper. A proper run requires more than just putting on a pair of sneakers and hitting the road. It involves interval training, running in fast short bursts and then longer stretches at lower speeds.

Always remember to keep proper nutrition in mind. If you don’t receive the proper nutrition you could end up seriously harming yourself.


For exercise to be effective, it needs to be fun. After all, you have to have some reason to head out the door. That’s why cycling is such an efficient way to lose weight, people simply love it!

Cycling is easy and convenient. You might even be able to cycle to reach your destination instead of driving. That way you can accomplish two goals at once: get healthy and get where you are going—with the added bonus of being environmentally friendly!


Don’t confuse aerobics with acrobatics. In an aerobics class you won’t be learning how to be a gymnist. Aerobics is essentially cardio, and cardio means any form of exercise that gets your muscles moving and your heart pumping.

Each form of aerobics burns a different amount of calories. To find out just how many calories you are burning consult your personal trainer.


Swimming is a fitness favourite. It’s fun, it keeps you healthy and it’s low-impact. The low-impact nature of swimming means that it is excellent if you have sore joints or arthritis.Some recreation centers even offer aerobics classes that take place in the water. That way you can get your low-impact exercise and get in shape!

Either way, if you are concerned that your swimming techniques may need some improvement, or if you have health problems that require professional advice and supervision, hiring a swimming coach in Birmingham could be a good idea for you.


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